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Re: Attn Non-Vax Mamas

Originally Posted by zionnecherub View Post
I have done alot of research on it and I still havent come to a complete conclusion. Until I do, there will not be any more vaxs.

Sorry, but does anyone have the actual vaccine package inserts from the box? You know the papers with the medical jargon all over it? My doc will not give them to me. All the docs and nurses Ive discussed this with really have no clue imo. They just insist that it is all safe... blah blah blah. I want to know what is in the vaccines!! I do not aggree with the use of animal or let alone aborted fetal cells being used to grow the vax or be injected into my kids! I think that could be a deciding factor in what I will allow. I think alot of what I have read is somewhat old, so I want to know the truth...its seems hard to find.
One of the links in my previous post has the ingrediants to every vax. Can't remember which one, but the one I said was "anti-vax."
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