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Re: Extended breastfeeding and the benefits

Thanks for this thread. I was very comfortable nursing DS (my second) past a year...but he is 40 months (he was 3 in July) and we are now tandem nursing (since July) and I have had periods of almost resentment that he hasn't self weaned. The family pressure was strong after 18 months then dwindled and is back now, including DH. I can't make him stop nursing...we have tried to limit it to 2 times a day, but we have had a couple weeks where he wants to nurse 4-6 times a day. I usually can keep at 4 or less. I wonder if he will ever wean? But for now we are tandem nursing and I hope #3 nurses for a long time (DD, my first, self weaned at 14 months after we had a miscarriage and the milk supply had suffered, a lot).
PM if you are nursing a preschooler, I could use the reminders that this is normal and he eventually will wean
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