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Anyone have major sleep issues?

My baby is almost 7 months and his sleeping is getting worse. He takes maybe 2 half hour naps during the day and is up every 45 minutes to 1.5 hours at night to nurse. I can not sleep while he is nursing, so I dont' get any decent sleep. I am getting really beyond what I can handle here and truly need some real help, not just "I hope you get some sleep" understanding, caring statements. Those are nice, but I am dying here and I can't take it anymore. To make matters worse, my toddler has started waking 1-2 times a night too!!! Daddy is "supposed" to get him if he wakes at night, but that rarely happens. So I am laying down to sleep at around midnight (not my choice) then getting maybe 3-4 total hours of interuppted sleep and getting up by 8 am to care for my toddler. I'm going insane and need some serious, serious help here.

No, this is not teething, gas, or any other discomfort. This has been going on for months and is getting progressively worse. We give him gas drops, we give him Tylenol, we have tried everything we can think of. I NEED some decent sleep. I really do.
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