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Baby doesn't nurse into sleep anymore

I thought I should move my question into here, but since I don't know if I can actually move it, I just copied it. I know that the feeding many moms keep well into toddlerhood is the nighttime going to sleep feeding, which is one reason I had this question:

I used to nurse ds down into naps and bedtime........ he still nurses fine, but will no longer nurse into sleep. He does at night but then wakes up after half an hour and daddy has to rock him to sleep. He is 9 months old. If I try to nurse him into a nap or bedtime, he screams. For naps I have to wear him in a sling now, which had stopped working actually -he had originally stopped falling asleep when I wore him.
Is this the beginning of him weaning, or are there issues, or what is going on, any opinions?

Thank you!
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