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Re: Do you have a rice cooker?

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mine! I have had a rice cooker for 13 years (can't believe it has lasted that long ) and it's the only way I cook rice. I like that I can set it and forget it. After I put some rice on the stove and then got a phone (pre-rice cooker days) and burnt the heck out of a pan , I'll never go back. I have an Oster that I don't necessarily love, but until it goes out, I can't really justify a new one. When it does finally die, I will probably pick one up at the Asian market.

Here is another thread about other things you can do with a rice cooker, like steam veggies, fish, etc.

I have had some rice seem a little hard after cooking when we switched brands, but if you add a little more water and let it set a few extra minutes, it should soften up.

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