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Re: Sage's Speech Delay

My DS just graduated today from the Early Intervention program with Help Me Grow. He turned 3 yesterday. He got started at around 18 months for speech delay and sensory issues. He has done so well in the program and he is currently functioning above average in all areas even speech. I have been really impressed with the teachers and service coordinators. Our insurance did cover some of the therapy but Ohio MRDD picked up the rest. His therapy hasn't cost us a penny because he qualified as having a disability not just a delay due to several reasons. He had a vocabulary of 50 words in sign language and understood everything but was not able to make words using speech sounds. If it is coded properly then the program shouldn't cost you anything and it is NOT based on income. We have well above average income and he still qualified for services.

The IFSP is to give the service coordinator and yourself goals and ideals of what you would like to happen over the next year and a half. My goals were for him to be at age level by the end of the program. Some kids need smaller goals and it all depends on the situation. They stress a lot of parental involvement. Two therapy sessions a month is not enough to make a huge difference. I found that what helped my DS the most is what I learned from these sessions. I learned how to talk to him and what I could do to encourage him to make sounds.

Good luck to you, I found our exerience in the program to be very positive.

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