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Re: Sage's Speech Delay

not really advice, but they didnt offer 1 on 1 therapy for her? My son started speech therapy when he was 2. He went twice a week for 1/2 hour each session. Then we moved here when he was 2 1/2 and he started to go once a week for (1) 1 hour session one on 1. They didnt put him into group therapy till he turned 3 this Sept. Now he goes to an elementary school where he does (1) 1 hour group session with 3 other kids and (1) 45 minute session that is 1 on 1 with a lady who specializes in apraxic children. It has work tremendous though. Like 2 months before he turned two, he can show you all his ABC's from them being mixed up, he can count from 1-10 on his own, he can also do math up to ten. He can tell you all about "baby dedus" as he says it. He is up to 6 words in a sentance and can actuall do things now better than what the average is for children his age. This coming from a boy who said 3 words at 20 months. Long story but he was advanced at 15 months with close to 20 words he used daily then just stopped talking and couldnt even put words together no matter how hard he tried.
Good luck and I hope the speech intervention helps you guys as much as it has us. It might take a few months to see changes, but the results will be awesome.
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