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Re: Who else makes their own dipes?

Originally Posted by vick
Yeah That!

I keep telling the hubby that I need to get a sewing machine so I can try making my own ... he's like "well, learning would certainly keep you off the Internet buying 'em all day"
LOL, that's too funny, Vick! My DH cracks me up by his imagination of prices I'd ask for one dipe! LMBO. It's cute though, I like that he's so fond of the ones I make.

if you got a machine, just go ahead and try it, it's really not complicated!

I'm sorry your cutie already outgrew the ones you made. I hate when that happens! It's so hard letting the cute dipes go, isn't it!?

I started out making my first pocket fitteds (and reg. fitteds) from recycled stuff like soft flannel sheets, old tees, and I still use tons of receiving blankets!
For the inner I prefer microfleece which I can sometimes get at our local Walmart fabric section or online from Joanns for a good price. (It's not MM, but almost the same. At least it has the same effect, wicking the moisture away from DS's bum)
I have yet to try hemp, BKT, sherpa and such, but for those I joined a couple of yahoo groups of sewing mamas. (PM me if you're interested in the links)
Oh, and for the closure (aplix or touchtape) I order through

As for stuffing, I've got lots of microfiber towels I use. I plan on venturing out though through the yahoo group orders I've got coming.

thanks for the advice! I try to sell more and more bought fitteds in order to use my own made. But I can def. see how it can happen easily that you make dipes for everyone else but for your own suddenly!

you just got me the idea to make some tiny doll dipes for DD's dolls!!! I always hate when she says "Oh, another dipe for Mason?" so this way I can make some cute ones for 'her' too!

As to your question re the serger, no, I don't have one. Right now I couldn't afford one and am happy with T&T, but I'm sure once I'd try one, I wouldn't want to go back probably! LOL Maybe in the future, together with a snap press!

that's so sweet that you're making your bro's baby dipes!!! You gotta take a pic of those cute NB dipes!

I understand! I have yet to try one of your dipes aswell!

that's awesome that you all are making your own dipes! Oooh.. and an embroidery machine as a hand me down!? WOW!!! I'd love that! LOL
You have to show us some pics one day!
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