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Co-sleepers: when to transition and what kind of bed?

I am fixing to admit something very embarrassing here... But it ties into my question in a big way. My parents were very AP, and we coslept. Until I was 8. My dad decided when I was 8 that it was time for me to move into my own bed, in my own room, and it was very tramatic, to say the least. It seriously took me months to be okay sleeping in there by myself.

I know that his method of transitioning me was too abrupt, and a slower transition would have been a better idea.

But, I am still concerned about when I should being to transition Henry into his own bed. I don't want it to be a tramatic experience for him, like it was for me.

I don't even have a crib or a bassinet or anything right now, and I will be breastfeeding, so it makes more sense to have him in bed with me for at least the first year, right? (I don't have room for another bed/crib in either my apt. or my parents' house, whichever I wind up living in after he is born, so that's a factor for the time being.)

So, here are my questions:
(1) At what age did you (are you) begin to transition your little one to their own bed/room? What steps did you follow to make the transition easier on everyone involved?

(2) Did you transition into a toddler bed or a normal (twin or full) sized bed? Do you even think that matters, to the child? Would a smaller bed somehow make a smaller child feel more secure, or does it really depend on the child?
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