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Re: BFing and baby bowel movements?

I'm a family doc and take care of newborns in and out of the hospital and I can tell you that the majority of postpartum nurses, and a lot of the baby docs you'll see were trained when they saw very few breastfed babies and haven't been well educated on the differences. Breastfed babies do eat "less" volume until their mother's milk comes in around day three and that sometimes slows things down. Since she's had two bm's, you know that everything works. If she's wetting some diapers and hasn't lost more than 10% of her birthweight, she's fine. She'll start pooping like crazy in a day or so, so as the pp said, enjoy it while it lasts.

If she's eating every three hours, I would say you don't need to wake her more frequently to eat unless she's losing too much weight. Many, many babies, both breastfed and formulafed, are very sleepy for about their first 48 hours of life and wake up and eat well after about the third day.

Give us an update! I'm betting everything's doing a lot better already.

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