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Re: Co-sleepers: when to transition and what kind of bed?

I had both a bassinet and a crib. We coslept with Logan until he was about 6 months old. At around 5 months, I started putting him in the crib at night(which was in my room) and then when he got up to nurse, I would keep him in bed with me. I figured at least then, he'd start going to sleep by himself. When he started sleeping through the night, after a month, we moved him to his own room. Now, he sleeps fine by himself. He wakes up at about 5:30 or 6 to nurse (10 months old) and I have to put him back to bed when he's done because he gets really mad if I'm too close to him when he's sleeping. It's sad, but I'm glad he's fine sleeping in his own room.

But, I have to add, it's up to you. Every family is different.
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