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Re: New to CDing - but not new to Germany!

Well, in my area it doesn't seem like CD is too popular. I think it's the time involved and the fact you have to be more intune to your child + the amt of water it takes to wash them.... not as "easy" as just taking a disposable and putting it in the trash.

I'm located in Southern Hessen, and for us, we hear "Pampers" more than "Stoffwindeln" from any of the parents we've met. They're shocked that I use cloth and they are so pretty.

I think my inlaws parents were the last of the cloth diaperers until us. My MIL and FIL will cloth diaper our son (they have to), but weren't real fans. My MIL will come over once in a while and help stuff diapers too. LOL

I've been here since July '07, and JD was born here June 1st of this year.

I did see that Lotties has a fairly neat deal for diapers and wool covers/longies. I dunno if that's any harder or not, but I know I have problems with snaps and buttons, so I opted for the easier version with velcro.

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