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Re: New to CDing - but not new to Germany!

I was really surprised when we arrived here ... I expected it to be far crunchier than it really is. I'm still BFing my 2.5 year old AND I'm pregnant. Whew - you should hear the comments I get!

It's encouraging (in a weird way I guess) to hear that your experiences with diapers seem in line with mine. Pampers really are the only way to go with disposables here - I've tried all the other brands, incluing the Oko ones and for the first time in his life, Henry got diaper rash!!! We used 7th Generation back in the States ...

We also moved in July of 2007!

We'll see how my inlaws react to CDing! My husband's family is originally from Russia - my MIL insists they did not have diapers (which is also why at 1 year of age they wanted to buy a pot for potty training). ***sigh***

I've found it a bit difficult in our small town to find like-minded parenting styles ... and have thankfully met up with other expats and moms to share experiences/advice.
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