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Re: What do you wish you knew then? CDing a newborn

I am diapering a nb for the first time now. Here is what I learned:

It isn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be!

I didn't do anything special for the meconium poops. I just soak all my diapers in a scoop of oxiclean for 30 minutes before washing now. No stains from meconium or ebf poo so far and we are almost 2 weeks in.

I will say the first few days I just kinda stared at my stash for each change and said "Now what?" until I got into a groove.

I had an 8lb 2oz baby, and the oranges did NOT last long. I think she wore them for 3 days before I got brave enough to just fold down a yellow edge- and they fit SO much better. They are almost all we use now, with Imse Vimse Bumpy NB wool covers and some mama-made knitted wool. I use pfs during the day and Thirsties AIOs at night. As soon as her cord falls off we will be switching to BGOS- the Thirsties just fit her weird.

Also- it's ok it the wool goes over their little cord as long as the wet diaper is below the cord. Wool breathes, and hasn't bothered her one bit.

I have some KL0s- and I was grateful to have them the first few days when I was still kinda chicken to go full on pf. But I haven't used them since because they really don't seem to hold much. I don't know how, but a pf seems to hold more. Also, fidgeting with the snaps on her tiny, tiny waist was a pain in the butt. I prefer snaps in general, but I think I would stick with velcro on little babies.

Night time still give me fits a bit. I prefer natural fibers, but my babe started getting a rash when we did fitteds at night, even with wool. So I have been sticking with Thristies AIOs stuffed with a preemie prefold as a doubler, but they try to leak out the sides, so I put a sleep sack that I knitted over it and that works OK. I can't wait for her cord to fall off so we can do BGs at night. But then we will probably be dealing with the dreaded night time ammonia. *sigh* Nights are just harder, but at least we don't need sposies!
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