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Re: What do you wish you knew then? CDing a newborn

This is mainly for night diaper changing because that it was I found to be the hardest during the nb stage due to sleep deprivation.

I don't use a diaper changer. I take a changing pad from the diaper bag I'm not using currently or a pf and change on the bed. All my supplies were kept on the nightstand for easy reach at night.

XS Very BABy AIOs or XS FB (pre-stuffed) are great for nightime and it's one step. A close second is a fitted with a knit wool cover. I found front snapping fitteds with front snapping covers to be way too much bulk in the front and way too many buttons for the middle of the night.

Sposies are okay to use for that third middle of the night diaper change when you can barely sit up straight and can only open one eye in a dimly lit room.

Have plenty of covers, blankets, pfs nearby in case of a leak or explosion or when they decide to give you an extra "surprise" after you have already put on a new dipe.

It's okay to just throw down some regular pfs in the bassinet if it gets soiled and you cant for the life of you think where you put the other sheet.

Keep a laundry basket and wetbag/diaperpail nearby so you can just toss things in, I rinse in the morning-no stains (Formula-fed babies).
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