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Re: Anyone have major sleep issues?

DD cosleeps and doesn't get up much, but a friend of mine had the same problem as you. Her dd got up ever couple hours and just wouldn't sleep. She didn't believe in CIO, but eventually had to do something. Babies need rest and their brains need that down time to grow properly. She finally did a version of CIO. It only took about 3 days before her dd was sleeping perfectly through the night. She said it was really hard to hear her cry and not go to her, but it got to be to the point that it was for the health of the baby and they had exhausted all other options. I'm not a fan of CIO, but I also think that if nothing else is working, then it is worth trying. I have another friend whose baby cries EVERY night for a hour before sleeping. I would never let that happen. If CIO doesn't work after 5 days or so, I don't think it will. 3-5 days of crying is one thing, but EVERY night has got to be harmful. Maybe some other moms will have more advice. Good luck.
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