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NO SLEEP!! Constipation and Gas??

OK---I thought my DD was just gassy when I tried to give her cereal but I gave her no cereal today, just breastmilk but she is still really gassy! Is there anything I can give her for gas besides Mylicon or Gripe Water (homeopathic). I would love to try something natural that actually WORKS but I dont know of anything. Maybe for constipation? Is there anything good for that? I stopped giving her her supplemental vitamins that the Dr told me to give her since I thought the iron was binding her up but she doesnt seem any better. What can I give her for constipation? She pushes and grunts like she has to poop but mostly just gas follows. It is affecting her sleeping as she has napped for 1 hour at 1030 this morning and is still awake now. I need help and I hate calling the peditrician because they dont really help. Any ideas??
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