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Re: Tired of Night Nursing...

Originally Posted by bethanyjoy
Oh, finally, the biggest thing for me was working on my own attitude...when I resent the nursing, it seems worse...if I just try to expect it and not worry about it, it's less of a big deal and I rest better. Surrendering the "right" to a full night's sleep was HUGE for me years ago, and continues to help.
This is exactly the case for me too! I go through phases, like when is this going to end (or at least decrease)? But then I go back and read up on why babies sleep the way they do, remember that this period of night nursing will only last a short time of the total span of my baby's life as a child, and then I remember how much I love her and would do anything for her, including feed her the best food she will ever get in her life since it was made specifically for her, and then I just sigh.

I have found that napping when dd naps helps me a lot too.

And no matter what a doctor tells you about your child not "needing" to nurse at night anymore, you should NEVER night-wean before your child starts solids. And what statistics tell you about what a child "needs" is not infallible--it's just based on supposed statistics (or whatever type of info that was gathered from someone else's child) and NOT on what your specific child needs.

The 9-month mark is pretty big as far as milestones go--always a rough time for sleep for the little ones with so much new going on. Eventually, things will calm down.
Good luck!
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