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Re: Co-sleepers: when to transition and what kind of bed?

Originally Posted by annes_cottage View Post
We transitioned Destiny when she was around 2 because I was having Landan and didn't want both of them in bed with me. She did fine and went to a twin bed.

Then Landan transitioned into his crib around 10 mos and when he would wake up to nurse he would spend the rest of the night with me. Welllll.......then I got pregnant with this baby and somehow both of them ended up back in bed with me and when hubby is home he sleeps on the couch. I did get a toddler bed for Landan and he will not sleep in it. He is used to sleeping in my queen size bed so he just does not have enough room. Right this minute my hubby is putting together a full size bed in Destiny's room. I am hoping Destiny and Landan will sleep in their together since they will not sleep alone.

I will post later how it goes! lol I want them both transitioned before Leland gets here!

Well last night I had to go in there one time because they were up with the light on jumping But after that they fell asleep and slept all night!! I must say I did sleep better last night! No feet or knees in my back!! lol
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