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Re: Share the cute things your LO does regarding nursing!

Awwww!!! These are all so cute!

My DD has done what we call "kitten paws" from day one. She'll flex her hands on my breast while she's nursing in a rhythmic motion, the way kittens do when they're nursing. It's so cute!

She also tells me that she wants to nurse by sucking on my cheek. She's such a strange child, but it's cute!

When she was younger, she used to pull my nipple and try to bring it to her mouth. Sorry, honey, it doesn't work like that.

Oh, and I agree with the PPs who say that the sounds they make when they're nursing are the best. We call the breast "nom-nom" because it's always sounded like she's saying "Om nom nom nom nom nom nom..." when she's eating.
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