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Re: Share the cute things your LO does regarding nursing!

These were soooooooo fun to read!!!! GREAT THREAD MAMA!!!! My DS is 6mo and whenever I take him to feed he starts pulling up toward my boob before i even get it out,, opens his mouth wide and goes ahh, ahh, ahh,... until i give it to him. Then his hands go wild and he looks for something to grab on to so that i wont pull him away. He once got hold of my other nipple. Ouh!!. Then when BF if DH walk in, he lets go and turns to look w/his eyes so wide and this bewildered look as if saying "why are you interupting!", then turns and latches back on. He does cute things all the time, but this is my latest favorite. He also likes to hum/sign himself to sleep white BF. Sooooo cute. He is just becoming so much fun.!!!
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