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Re: what to pay a babysitter?

Originally Posted by stephdpn View Post
I way overpay my sitters, but I love them and want them to always sit for me, lol! For night sitters, I always pay $8 an hour (I have 2 kids), day sitters, I pay $6-7 hour...also depends if I have to pick them up/take them home, then they make fave sitter doesn't drive, which really sucks, but I still pay her about $6 hour. Last week she sat for me from 8am-2pm and I paid her $35. I don't use her at night b/c I don't want to have to drive her home at night sitters, I usually pay $8 hour, but we only get one maybe 3 times a year. I am blessed to have lots of wonderful college girls work for me at the preschool - totally trustworthy!

Funny I would think day sitters would make more since night sitters are getting paid to watch TV or sleep/nod off themselves once the kids head to bed, and day sitters are changing numerous diapers, prepping meals, reading stories, playing with the kids...
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