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Re: Fenugreek ?'s

I'm pretty sure you have to keep taking it. I think it makes you smell more like spicey indian food (curry) than sweet. But that's just my
I think using hairspray will attract more bugs than taking fenugreek will. I took it in the summer and had no more problems with bugs than usual. Unfortunately, I started taking mine about 3 months into nursing and it had no noticeable effect. I hear the earlier you start taking it the more effective it is. But, that said, there were plenty of times that it seemed DS drained both sides and was still hungry. It was very frustrating for us both, but it turned out to only last about a week at a time before my supply upped itself naturally. I think it was just typical growth spurts. We both made it through fine and he still gained weight just fine. We are still happily nursing at 13 months and my supply is as strong as ever. I think as long as she keeps gaining okay you can expect a few bumps in the road and not worry about it too much.

Good luck!

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