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Re: Fenugreek ?'s

Maybe you daughter is just going through a growth spurt and your production will catch up quick Or maybe she is just a sucker (mine was and had colic...imagine the possibilities LOL)
but if not I took the fgreek with blessed thistle, supposed to have better results and the doc said if you don't smell like it you aren't taking enough. My husband said I smelled like pancakes Made him hungry. But I quit taking it after a little while becuase I was always too engorged so obviously my baby's problem wasn't hunger even though it seemed like it. And now four months later he has two chins. Try reading Dr. Jack Newman's breast feeing articles. Just type in those words and it will be easy to find. He is a specialist in Toronto, Ca
Our bodies are amazing that they can almost always match what our babies need. Don't get discourage. Check other factors to see if your baby is gaining weight and making change her diapers, she could be restless for lots of other reasons, even including teething depending on how old she is
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