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Re: Umbilical Hernia and Pregnancy...

I developed an umbilical hernia about 6-8 weeks pregnant with my last pregnancy. It HURT! I thought I was miscarrying it hurt so bad. At first the docs tried to put it off as round ligament pain. My BUTT! Then I asked why my belly button was poking out early, she said it was too early and low and behold hernia! It was painful at first... but the pain subsided for the most part after a couple of weeks. The bigger I got the more sensitive it was directly on and around it, but I took things kinda easy and everything was fine. I stopped picking up my then 2 and a half year old and did not push anything, not a stroller or a shopping cart. But that was mainly due to those things being smack in front of my hernia and I would rub them with the belly and feel pain. Dishes will be a PITA. As if it is not hard enough to do with a big belly.

My main concern was delivery. I was so afraid that pushing would cause me to rip more in that area... make it bigger or something. But I did just fine! I did have to have surgery after delivery to fix it. Now it is good as new and so far in this pregnancy, 13 weeks, everything is still fine.

For help I wore a Bella band all.the.time. Something to somewhat hold it in and give another layer of protection if you will. I would suggest holding on for dear life every single time you sneeze. Besides that a tight tank top or smaller Bella Band is best. No real heavy lifting. Other than that, it should be a normal pregnancy.

I hope the pain passes quickly! It will get less sensitive, I promise!
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