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Re: Can you freeze cheese?

Nope! Shredded cheese freezes just great. Any "hard" cheese that you freeze will be extra crumbly when you take some out and defrost it.. but if it's already shredded ( or even cubbed) it shouldn't be a problem! Soft cheeses (cream cheese, sliced cheese... maybe some other "exotic" cheeses... we only buy chedder and mozerella shredded and sliced cheese..which doesn't seem to age whatsoever). I've never tried to freeze sliced cheese before.

Take a plate and put a good layer of cheese on it and place that in the freezer. Once it's hard, just put it in a ziplock (or any other freezer safe thing) and label it! When bags of Kraft Cheese (I typically buy chedder and Mozerella for home-made pizza night!) go on sale I just buy them and throw them up in the freezer without bothering with the plate-freezing. It may be wise to freeze them in 1-2 cup containers (however much you would use for one meal) so you don't have to bother with defrosting a big ol' bag of it! I've never noticed any flavor differences inbetween frozen cheese and regular refrigerated cheese. It's a GREAT way to stock up! Cheese is expensive!
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