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Re: How do I get ds to sleep longer?

Routine, routine, routine. Maybe it might need some tweeking though so that you all can get some sleep (can't hurt to try right?). Maybe 7:30 is too early for bedtime. I know many parents put there kids down at that time, but it just doesn't work for us. I have a 6 mo too (10-18-05) and she naps 3 times during the day. She has never had to wake up and cry at night (yet) because she is very content with her routine. If she awakens, I give Cam'rynn her pacifier and walk out. I NEVER PICK HER UP. Here is her schedule {It isn't hard or too scheduled, it is her natural schedule and I just stick to it}:

7:30am-wake up, change dipe, milk
9:00am-rice cereal & chill time (to unwind and
prevent overstimulation)

10:30am-wakes up, change dipe, milk
12:30pm-veggies and fruit & chill time
4:00pm-wakes up, change dipe, milk
6:30pm-rice cereal & chill time
8:00pm-wakes up, change dipe, no milk
8:30pm-stimulation (but not too hyper)
9:00pm-bath=chill time
9:30pm-rice cereal, milk bedtime

If she isn't awake by a certain time, I wake her up. She sleeps until 7:30 or sometimes 8 (and yes, sometimes a quarter to 7). She has been on this schedule since she was 2 months old (I would have started earlier but I was hospitalized after childbirth for a severe infection). She is happy and has almost tripled her birth weight from 6lb14oz - 17lb4oz. Not all babies are the same though. I just thought maybe by hearing someone else's routine, it would help.
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