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Re: Boys!!??

Originally Posted by Lovinmy2boys
Oh, I don't think it ever gets better. It's a love affair with the weenie. My 5 year old doesn't like to wear underwear because "Mom, I like to feel the breeze on my penis!". My 5 month old constantly grabs his and laughs hysterically. My husband thinks this is all hilarious. The only other female in the house besides me is the dog, and she doesn't really count because she's fixed. I'm all alone in a sea of testosterone........
My seven month old does that too......grab and busts up laughing! Every time I try to change him, its just silly! There must be something ingrained in them from birth that it's there to play with
My four year old always has his hand on it......I'm forever asking him if he needs to go potty, "No, just holding on" WHY! Is it going somewhere if you don't?
OH well!

ETA: Where did you get the shorties in your avi? I LOVE them!
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