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Re: Boys!!??

Oh yeah, we've been here for a few months now. DJ's 22 months and my neighbor (who has 3 teenage boys) says that it will get a lot worse before it gets better and that hers are still in that stage! For a while, dressing DJ in onesies helped but now he's figured out that if he sits just right, he can go in through the side of the crotch and still get to it. So here we are in GA in the summertime and having to dress him in a onesie and long pants or a onesie and overalls even! He even does it in his sleep. When he was wearing sposies at night, almost every morning I'd wake up to find that the tape had "busted" on the diapers and the diaper was around his ankles! At least we don't have that problem with cloth but if he can get his hand in there, he'll pull his penis out so that he's peeing all over the bed instead of into the diaper. For a while I had to put those one-piece winter pajamas on him backwards because he'd unzip them to get at his diaper while he slept!! And the funniest thing is when we let him go naked, he'll run around holding onto it and telling everyone "MINE!" anyone else wants it!
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