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Question Cramping????

Okay, let me start from the top. I am 25 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and while my last pregnancy was high risk (and they consider this one high risk because of that) this pregnancy has been going fairly smooth.

Yesterday I go the urge to rearrange the furniture in the front room and dh wasn't home to help me. I moved the all the furniture being careful not to strain but that darn coffee table had to be lifted to get it into place. Everything else slid pretty easily. Then I went to Costco and started cramping so bad it brought tears to my eyes. I went home and rested (did some sewing) and was feeling pretty good just tired. Then I went to work where I was on my feet and the cramping started again. I got home and put my feet up adn felt fine until I went to lay down, the cramping started again. It felt low in the stomach, almost like a bm was in store. I tried to go potty but couldn't complete the mission (seems to be the case for a while now). Today I am feeling pretty good, no cramping but then again I haven't tried to do anything including long standing or walking.

So I ask do you think that I am just a bit constipated or should I call the ob? There is no bleeding and it's not making me double over in pain. I can still feel Lilly moving around and my appetite and thrist is still there. LMK please!! I have never really been constipated so I am not familiar with that feeling.
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