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Re: Pizza dough -- What's your favorite from-scratch recipe?

Originally Posted by mmskids View Post
I don't have access to my absolute favorite one though it's in the bread machine for dummies book. I'll post it maybe tomorrow if I bring the book to work. However my second favorite is Wolfegang Pucks. It's really good and unlike some of them, doesn't take much rising time. If I know ahead of time, I usually make up Alton Brown's one from foodtv.

Pizza dough

If you don't mind making it up one day and eating the next, Alton Brown's is pretty good.


Thanks! Those both look good. I like that you can refrigerate the AB one for up to six days. I am trying to plan ahead with my meals as much as possible, but that doesn't always happen, so the quick-rise options are good to have, too. Can't wait to make pizza later this week! I'll check back to see if you get a chance to post your fave.

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