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Re: Just got back from the MW

DJ was born at 34.5 weeks and weighed 6 lbs. He didn't have the kind of respiratory problems that many preemies have and certainly hasn't had any developmental fact, he's hit ALL of his milestones wouldn't think he was a preemie at all but we are absolutely certain about his dates. We joke that my babies just cook uterus is a microwave apparently! That's why I hate OBs who think that EVERY baby should go EXACTLY 40 weeks...every mom and every baby is different. My MW this time is very supportive and taking a hands-off approach. She said if I start to progress before 34 weeks she'll have to slow things down, but if I can make it to 34 weeks, she'll probably let me go. I just thought it was funny when she said that the stress of preterm labor gives many babies the extra kick they need to develop the surfactant or whatever on their lungs, but those wimpy little white boys just won't do it.
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