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Re: Hawaii Mamas: Petition to stop GMO farming

GMO = genetically modified organism, also called GE = genetically engineered

GMO seeds do not make more seeds, which means farmers have to keep buying more seeds. GMO also mixes the genes of food with other genes from animals.

Read more about GMOs here:

Here's a GMO video:
Greenpeace - The dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms

GMO Taro protest in Hawaii:

The GM genocide: Thousands of Indian farmers are committing suicide after using GM crops:
They borrowed money to buy 'magic seeds' that didn't make enough to pay back the loan, then they have no crops and no seeds.

GMO food has been found to lower the immune system and also cause infertility.

**I just realized that the veto was overridden! This is great news for Hawaii! I knew that time was short on this petition, but I posted this because I just found the Hawaii forum here. Good to know about GMO food anyways. **
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