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Re: If you have hemorrhoids

Originally Posted by Luv2bemommy
Ok, I am SO glad someone posted this thread.. I dont have extrenal hemorrhoids but mine are internal, I dont even know they are there until I have to do the #2 then they bleed and it hurts to push it out cause it kinda scrapes against them (sorry tmi)..

So what can I do about these???? Should I worry cause they bleed when I do #2? I do get a little freaked out since my mother had colon cancer and she is on my tail to get the the dr about it but i do not want a colonoscopy.
Definitely, definitely check out metamucil fiber (or any other psillium fiber)! It will help reduce your problem and it may disappear altogether. My DH and I both have colon cancer in our families. He has had a colonoscopy, but I haven't. He didn't think it was all that bad - they drug you out so much you don't care and can't remember it or anything else that happens for the next few hours. After I had DS I would bleed internally from them too. But when I took metamucil regularly they would get better within a few days. My DHs doctor recommended it when he went for his colonoscopy and it really does work wonders! If you take it for a few weeks and the bleeding continues, then I would definitely go see the doctor. Chances are the doctor would have other recommendations for you other than a colonoscopy to start. GL!
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