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Re: Losing BF Support, small baby, not sleeping long

everyone else gave some great advice... just wanted to chime in and say you're doing a great job! stick with it! trust yourself!

its hard though, I know. my LO is 6 months old and is about 12 lbs. he's not even ON the curve but he's following his OWN curve, just poking along he wakes about every 3 hours to nurse and some mornings I feel more rested then others, but I try to trust that he knows what his body needs...

my dd spoiled us though... 6-8 hour stretches at this age so each one truly is different.

I'd look into a lactation consultant, some fenugreek or meds if the issue really IS low supply but it might just be that you're LO has her own plan sucks for us sometimes, being this tired but it passes pretty quickly in the overall scheme of things

and boy I get snippy if anyone suggests I give him cereal or a bottle of formula, whatever... there is no magic solution its amazing how this idea still is perpetuated! boobs are just fine thankyouverymuch!
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