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Re: How do I get ds to sleep longer?

((hugs)) mamastace...i know any sleep issues we have always seem that much worse when dh is out of town. it's hard having to do it all.

it sounds like he's got a good routine and i would serious suspect that his waking is something like teething. is he showing any other signs (lots of chewing, drooling, nasty poop, etc.?)....maybe some pain relief would help you both get some sleep.

he's also probably going through a lot of developmental milestones to and that's always wrecked havoc with my dd's sleep.

just fyi - 6 months was about the time that dd consolidated to a 2 nap schedule so i think what he's doing is pretty normal.

if you nurse him how long does it take for him to go back to sleep? i'm not a lot of help here since we co-sleep & i've always nursed dd to sleep/back to sleep. i figured nursing her was the easiest for me but that was also partly b/c of the cosleeping thing...i wouldn't have enjoyed stumbling to the crib 3 times a night either.

hope you get some sleep soon.

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