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Re: How Do You Cut Out Cursing?

Originally Posted by scatterbrainedmom
i am in the minority here. i don't care if my kids says hell or pissed off or damn it. i would not be surprised if they dropped the f/s/b-bomb because i do have a mouth on me. I am trying to curb that though. I am pretty good about it unless I am driving. for some reason where i live NO ONE goes the speed limit. if it is 50 they go 35 if it is 45 they go like 30.

honestly DH and I both swear, it's a hard habit to break and while I do try to watch what I say around the kids, they are just words. I really don't mind my kids expressing themselves, and they learn what they hear. I would however have a problem with them calling someone a derogatory name, swear word or's not okay to be hurtfull that way. But saying sh%t cause you spilled beads all over the kitchen floor is not a big deal IMO.

I do however remind them to not use those words in front of grandma, she'd have a heart attack but then I grew up in a home where we couldn't say stupid or crap... a lot of good that did me

Anyways DH and I do try to remind each other to tone it down around the kids, and his friends really try to as well, they are constantly apologizing when they slip up and I'm like it's okay they've heard it before.
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