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Re: I've gotta know...

I just wanted to make one comment about your plans. Whether you co-sleep or not (it's really up to you), the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the baby sleep in the parents room for the first few (6, I think) months in order to reduce SIDS. Having the parents there keeps the baby from getting into too deep of sleep and stopping breathing. Of course they recommend that the baby sleep in a crib or other baby bed, and all of us here don't follow that, but I just wanted to make sure that you knew the current recommendations for SIDS.

As for co-sleeping. I certainly never planned on it. At around 2 months old, DD would fall back to sleep after nursing, but as soon as I set her down in her bassinet she would wake up. After two weeks or so of no sleep because of this and me starting to feel total insane, her dr told me that if I wanted, I could let her sleep in our bed. The first night I let her sleep in our bed, she slept through the night. When we have another, we will probably start them out in their own bed, but if co-sleeping is the only way for me to get some sleep, I'll do it again.

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Thanks for all of the input and honesty. My DH and I are, as seen in my sig, expecting our first this Spring, and though we are against it for reasons such as feeling like we will lose that quality time that we get at night and not wanting to have a school-age child still in our bed long after we intended to, we wanted to hear from those of you who are experienced. I know that we will likely have the baby in our room for a few days or weeks but then off to the nursery. I do plan to exclusively BF and will have to see how it all works out but I am sure that there are mamas on here who EBF without their baby by their side all night. Thanks again for all of the input. Alot of it was very insightful.
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