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Re: How do I get ds to sleep longer?

5-6 months was a really hard time for us too. We also used Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, and we followed it pretty much by the book. That did involve some crying, and it was really hard, but worth it. Not so much for our own sleep, though I have to admit it was nice, but for my twin boys' well-restedness and happiness. We also consulted our pediatrician. Although we cut out night feedings (this was per our ped., not HSHHC), they actually gained weight when they started sleeping through the inght. Even if you don't want to do CIO HSHHC can still help. The No Cry Sleep Solution didn't help us much. It is helpful if your DC is having a lot of trouble falling asleep, but I don't recall that she had much advice about getting them to stay asleep.
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