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Re: I've gotta know...

Originally Posted by Getz View Post
Since your baby isn't here yet, I will say Never say Never. It is easy to say what you will and won't do, but once that little one gets here and won't sleep by himself, any sleep is good!

I co-slept for the first few months, or Nicky slept near me in the car seat/bouncy seat/pack n play. I was so paranoid about being able to feel him breath I needed him close.

He slept in his crib for a few months and it was great, but then I got pregnant and began napping w/ him every day. He quickly realized that he loved sleeping w/ me more and now we co-sleep. I love it but would also love having my bed back (Nicky and I sleep in the guest room)! I am not sure the cats would agree w/ me, they love having the extra room w/ DH!

DH is traveling for most of next month and I think we will try to transition back into the crib. It think it will just be easier once the new baby gets here that Nicky is in his own room.

So I say find what works for your family. I would try to get through the first few months the best you can then focus on getting baby in his crib (if you determine that's what you want). I don't think there is anything wrong w/ co-sleeping or crib sleeping as long as everyone is getting good sleep that way.

Exactly! Never Say Never!
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