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Re: New to CDing - but not new to Germany!

Hi. Welcome to DiaperSwappers and the wonderful world of CD'ing. I'm in NRW too- in the Ruhrgebiet, so I know Muenster. It's actuallly a pretty crunchy city, with all the bike lanes and such. That might be a bit of a biased impression, since I study ecology there and the Muensteraner that I know are super green. BTW, a lot of green Germans don't cloth diaper, because they think its not better for the environment. Íkotest even says so. That info is based on the British environmental agency study and an older German one.

I was also going to recommend the site. They have really great info there. I bought most of my dipes used through the Flohmarkt there or on ebay. I started out with Lotties and I really liked them when DS was small. We'll be using them on the new baby too. We switched to almost all pockets (BG OS, Blueberries, a few other brands to try) recently, and I got those used here. I tend to buy a lot of stuff when we are visiting family in the States, and no one seemed to have a problem with shipping to my parents. I just couldn't justify the expense of buying them new through a German distributor. I had to switch to pockets, since diaper changes are much more difficult with a wiggly toddler and a pregnant belly. DH and my MIL have also become increasingly resistant to using the cloth dipes, so I had to offer something easy.

For covers, I can recommend the Imse Vimse wool covers. They fit DS well and contain poos. I still use those for nighttime and when we are home. The velcro on mine is starting to be useless. The hook part is fine, but the softtape over the front is worn. I also tried the Amsterdam Wollwikkel cover at the beginning and wouldn't recommend it. It doesn't have the double leg binding like Imse Vimse, so I never could get a good fit on the legs- result: icky poo messes and wet sleep sacks. I also really like the fleece covers from Windelmatz (at They fit over even very bulky night diapers and give a good seal at the legs and waist. DS has been wearing the medium since about 6 months (18 months now).

It's expensive and not so easy to get in Germany, but I really recommend hemp, especially for heavy-wetting toddlers. I was changing muslin diapers (Mullwindeln) about 20x a day with a newborn. This time around, I will try hemp flats until the Lotties fit (hemp flats also work great as inserts for pockets).

For your toddler, I would recommend covers that snap or have velcro, since you probably don't want to have to remove shoes at every diaper change. The pull up wool or PUL covers are fine for infants and hold back EBF poo better than something that can gap at the legs.

Babywalz (there's on in Bocholt) carries some cloth diapering supplies.
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