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Re: Vegan cooks - nutritional yeast contains what???

people who are mistaken. If you read the info by Dr. Russel Blaylock (pretty much the pioneer in excitotoxin research) it becomes clear that nutritional yeast isn't the problem. It's not cultured on the same medium therefore doesn't have the free glutamate like brewer's yeast and other related problems like autolyzed yeast have. Not all yeast=free glutamate, but a lot of people do mistake it especially since so many consider BY and NY to be the same.

BY is cultured on malted barley which is itself an excito. NY is cultured on sugar beets--a simple carb.

We've been excitotoxin-free for a couple years now and with how sensitive my boys are (twins with ADHD) I can guarantee NY is not an excitotoxin.

eta: autolyzed yeast, yeast food and other such are usually made form torula yeast. here's info on that:
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