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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

Originally Posted by Mom23kids View Post
Wow, that's insane. I might as well quit school now and open a childcare center now if I can make that kind of money! LOL!

It wouldn't even be worth going to work. Seriously. I hope you can find something reasonable.

Oh, and I pay $20/day to the lady who watches my dd once a week. I pay $30/day to the preschool she goes to the other 2 days I'm in school.
Might not be a bad idea ... a friend of mine once worked out with her 7th grade Language Arts class how she could earn more per day doing daycare than what she made as a full-time teacher. I'm pretty sure she factored in hours she worked that weren't "contracted" (meaning many teachers put in extra time after hours preparing, grading, etc.)

If you think about it, you could get licensed for 6 children (the mimumum here - max is 12 per provider). That's $25/day x 6 or $150 per day. Of course that's before expenses, like food or snacks. But in our area Catholic Family Services has a food program that many providers qualify for and they get some $$ for the children in their care. So, depending on how you look at it, DC isn't really a bad gig. It is w-o-r-k, however, and sometimes I think providers get into daycare thinking it's "easy" and you give up your home to daycare space. Not for everyone ... but I've known some ladies who really made it work for their family.
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