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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

hope you find someone soon! I run an in-home daycare and charge $25.00 per day if they are permanent kids and $30.00 per day on the random drop ins. Home daycares are much cheaper in my area than daycare facilities but even the trendiest one here is $400.00 a week and this lady would be making more than that. I would set her straight by way of a gentle email. Obviously she has no clue what she is asking for and could use a heads up!

On a side note, home daycare has worked out for me but I can honestly say that most days I am more exhausted than I ever was at my office job. I don't think I get paid enough for all the crying, diapers and whatnot these kids throw at me. Most of my parents leave it to me to put their kids on a schedule, help them reach milestones, watch for sickness and actual parent them in many ways. I do not let them run wild or send them home after hours of sugar and tv.
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