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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

Originally Posted by syndibee View Post
as a Nanny I get that per week, not per hour....though child care here is very difficult to break into at a "reasonable" rate. I can't get children in my home for $85/wk full time. And I can't find a care provider for less than $100/wk for myself to go back to work. it's INSANE. But I'm looking for an $8/hr job to work part time....I'm not a career woman who makes 60 thou a year, and I never will be.
Who makes that?? Sign me up!

Seriously, I'm waiting for the year DH and I break 50K/yr COMBINED ...

To the OP ~ you'll find someone. I just went through 3 providers since September (don't ask!) and have hopefully landing on a keeper for this school year at least. In my state, a provider does not have to be licensed to come into your home. And, in some states, so long as the sitter only has kids from one family, they are not required to be licensed. FWIW I've had both and had problems from each group. It is difficult to find good helpers which is why I always try to find ways to show my appreciation to sitters in addition to offering a comparable rate.
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