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Re: WHAT THE...????

It's very normal. If it really bothers you, you can approach it two different ways. Herbal, or medical. Going herbal, use cold cabbage leaf compresses at night (when production is at it's height), and treat the leaking with a breast pad, just like always. Change the cabbage leaves at least every two hrs., more often in the evening/night. Don't wake up to do this (obviously!), but change frequently at night so they stay cold.

With medical help, perscribed bromocriptine will reduce milk production a lot. The FDA doesn't recommend it for most cases, because it's a serious drug to use in general (also used to treat Parkinson's), but it's very effective. If it doesn't bother you too much (and yes - prolactin is related to both menstruation and lactation), just figure out how to live w/it comfortably. VERY normal.
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