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Santa Claus -- Do you allow your children to believe in him?

Santa Claus -- Do you allow your children to believe in him?

I know some parents tell their kids from an early age that Santa is a myth and doesn't exist. Nothing against parents who do, do this was just wondering why? I know some parents feel like they are lying to their children and don't like doing this. Just wanted to understand better the reasons some parents have.

I love the magic of Christmas and I love how excited my kids get over waiting for Santa. I remember how much more exciting Christmas was as a kid when I did still believe in Santa. Yes Christmas was fun as an older child as we all love receiving presents. But once the magic has gone Christmas never feels the same. I have loved having children of my own and being able to relive the magic again.

How old were your kids when they stopped believing or started asking questions whether he was real or not?

I am happy to let my kids believe as long as they want.

We tell our children that Mummy and Daddy buy all the presents and the elves take them to Santa to be wrapped and to stay hidden until Christmas eve. This clears up why they can't have everything they want. Each child receives one gift from Santa which he delivers along with all the other presents.

I honestly couldn't imagine the world with no Santa and Christmas with out him. Maybe I just a big softy and a child at heart.

Don't forget to Track Santa on with NORAD on Christmas eve
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