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Re: Santa Claus -- Do your allow your children to believe in him?

I believe in Santa! Well, I don't believe that some fat guy with a beard will come down my nonexistent chimney on Christmas eve....but I believe in the SPIRIT of Christmas, and that is represented by Santa Claus, and acted out through family members and loved ones. We are happy to let DS1 believe in the fairytale version of Santa for now, but when he gets older, I don't think it'll be a "Santa isn't real" thing, it will be more of an explanation of what I said above. It's kind of how I view God I believe there is some dude in the sky watching me and either giving or withholding things in my life based on his perspective, no...but I believe people put a face on the spirituality they need or they feel in their lives, and some of them call it God.
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