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Re: Santa Claus -- Do your allow your children to believe in him?

Ehhh, my hubby didn't even want to celebrate Christmas this year because it is so not about Jesus anymore . .. .(actually the pilgrims did not celebrate Christmas either, because even then it was thought of as pagan)

We are doing Christmas, as in having a tree and decor and presents because it is FUN. We are not pushing the Santa thing or even saying anything is from Santa. . . .I mean why go through all the trouble to get stuff and say it's from someone else? Isaac has seen the bags of presents and knows we got them and that he can't have them yet. I mean really, either way the kids will be excited.
More important than Santa is tradition, that's really what its about. Looking forward to a big dinner, spending the day together, decorating the tree, looking at lights etc . . . .it's all about spending time as a finally and remembering the reason for the season.
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