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Re: How Do You Cut Out Cursing?

Originally Posted by love2bmom2chris
Not trying to stir up anything (cuz I know that religion can do this) but I use to cuss terribly until I read a passage in the bible. I can't quote it word for word but I can sum it up-what comes from your mouth comes from your heart. I keep that in mind every time I want to cuss. My parents both cussed horribly so I natually did too. Now, I only cuss very rarely (usually when i am at work-other people there do so I slip sometimes). I RARELY cuss around my kids. I can't remember when I did it last but that passage always comes to mind when I am irritated and want to cuss! HTH!
I thought of a couple...not sure if any of these are it...

Job 33:3
Psalm 49:3
Psalm 19:14

I used to curse, that was a long time ago though....probably haven't been in a habit of cursing since I was 16 or 17.

Taking a break to focus on God & family

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